The Graduate Student Affinity Group (GSAG) is open to all members of the Association of American Geographers, both students and non-students. The yearly fee is just $3.00 in addition to the student membership fee to AAG. This additional fee helps to fund sessions, activities, and travel awards at the annual meeting. To become a member of the affinity group, simply select GSAG from the list found in the “Specialty and Affinity Group Memberships” section of the AAG’s membership application form If you are already a member of the AAG and would like to join the affinity group, please contact the AAG at (202)-234-1450

To receive news about our annual newsletter and the annual Reseach Award and Graduate Student Paper Competitions for which you must be an affinity group member, please visit the GSAG’s Google Group and click “Join.” (Note: membership is not required to join our listserv.)

Membership Checklist

  1. Join when you renew your membership or become a member of the AAG
  2. Sign up for our listserv
  3. Visit the GSAG Knowledge Community at the AAG
  4. Visit the GSAG Facebook page
  5. Reap the benefits of GSAG membership!

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